The 2019 Ford Ranger sets the bar for midsize trucks


We tested a Ford Ranger Lariat Supercab 4×4. That’s a lot to take in, but it essentially means that it’s a top-trim truck with an extended cab and four-wheel drive. Extended-cab trucks have small rear seats and half-size rear doors that can only open when the front doors are open, also called “suicide doors.” A SuperCrew, in comparison, has four full-size doors and more substantial rear seats.

The price for this configuration was $40,685, which sounds like a lot for a “small” truck. But consider that this includes things like adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, a premium audio system, a 6-foot bed and more towing capacity than the gas-powered Toyota Tacoma, Chevy Colorado or GMC Canyon. The diesel Colorado and Canyon will tow a few hundred more pounds, but the last Canyon diesel we tested was $48,290 and still lacked the refinement of this Ranger.



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