The 25 French departments where we die the most


 The 25 French departments where we die most

Nevers Bridge and Cathedral. ZorroP / Pixabay

Are there departments more deadly than others? The answer is yes, according to a study by INSEE on the crude death rate of the French population by department in 2018. According to these data, 59 départements are above the national average of 9.2 deaths for 1,000 people. The crude death rate is the ratio of the number of deaths in the year to the average total population for the year. Some departments had a relatively low death rate last year like Mayotte or Paris, but for the most deadly departments, the rate is however five times greater.

But how to explain such disparities? For Marina Robin, a statistician at INSEE interviewed by Business Insider France, two factors must be taken into account. “If we look at the crude mortality rates, the departmental differences are explained first by a different age structure between departments: the proportion of elderly people is higher in Creuse than in Paris”, explains t -she. But we can also take into account more social factors such as “sometimes better living conditions, the proximity of hospitals or the poverty of populations,” says Marina Robin.

Business Insider France offers a ranking of 25 departments that have lost the most people in recent years, ie those whose crude death rate in 2018 was the highest.

25th – Vosges: 12.0 ‰ (12 deaths per 1,000 inhabitants)

Epinal, night view. Wikimedia Commons

24th – Lot-et-Garonne: 12.1 ‰

Panorama Chateau de Bonaguil, Lot and Garonne. Wikimedia Commons

19th – Aude: 12,5 ‰

View of Carcassonne. Gavilla / Pixabay

18th – Charente-Maritime: 12.5 ‰

Port of La Rochelle. Cosyhotelslarochelle / Pixabay

17th – Lozère: 12.5 ‰

View of Mende, Lozère. Mphoto48 / Pixabay

15th – Aveyron: 12.6 ‰

View of the city of Conques in the Aveyron. Olzheim / Pixabay

13th – Yonne: 12.6 ‰

View of Auxerre. luctheo / Pixabay

11th – Upper Pyrenees: 12.8 ‰

Basilica of Our Lady of Rosary, Lourdes. Wikimedia Commons

10th – Cher: 13.1 ‰

Bridge over the central basin of the Berry Canal and the Yèvre, Vierzon, Cher, France. Wikimedia Commons

5th – Dordogne: 13.6 ‰

The field of Fayolle hotel seen from the south-east, Périgueux, Dordogne, France. Wikimedia Commons

4th – Indre: 14,5 ‰

Former town hall of Chateauroux now converted into conservatory of music. Wikimedia Commons

2nd – Nièvre: 15,3 ‰

Bridge and cathedral of Nevers. ZorroP / Pixabay

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