The majority of French employees believe that the culture of the company is more important than the remuneration


 The majority of French employees think that corporate culture is more important than remuneration

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Employers think money goes before values? If so, they are wrong. The majority of French employees – 56% of them – believe that corporate culture is more important than salary when it comes to job satisfaction, according to a Glassdoor study published on Thursday, July 11th. . And nearly four in five employees take this factor into consideration before applying for a job.

The polling agency The Harris Poll surveyed 5,113 adults in the United States, France, the United Kingdom and Germany online from June 10 to 13 on behalf of Glassdoor, specializing in job Research. The results of this survey show that hiring candidates are very often attentive to the values ​​of the employer. “ Job seekers are not just concerned with pay, they are looking to work for a company whose values ​​match theirs and whose mission they can fully embrace,” assures Christian Sutherland-Wong, the president.

French people more attached to values ​​than Americans and Germans

The French attach particular importance to the culture of the company and the principles it defends. Of those polled in France, 76% said they would not apply in a company with different values ​​than theirs, against 70% of Americans surveyed and 69% of British. In addition, 75% of French people say they are ready to leave their work if corporate culture deteriorates, compared with 67% of Germans.

This highlights the importance for companies to define and to clearly communicate their values, as well as to show that they respect them, “says Glassdoor. To attract job-seekers and ensure that employees are fulfilled once hired, employers must not focus solely on pay and work-life balance.

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